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And I lay my head

I am completely exhausted and sore all over. I am so drained that I do not think I can move another muscle. So I lay my head down, slow down my breathing, and wait. At first, nothing happens, more than likely it is due to the stress of the previous days, but then slowly the darkness envelops me, and I can feel myself falling, falling...

They say that you cannot see things in color, but really that does not matter much to the story. Usually, it starts with you being the hero, saving the world or a group of faceless individuals that you might or might not remember. Your strength is boundless, and gravity has no effect on you. Suddenly, you become the victim; every rescue ends in failure. You are to be blamed for the world's disaster; you are too weak to move, and you are falling, falling. Finally, you become the villain, anger and frustration fill your heart, and you take it out on buildings, cities, and towns, the world itself, until once again, the darkness envelops you, and you feel yourself falling, falling...

During this time, you are unaware of your physical being. Your legs have been twitching uncontrollably, while you were tossing and turning; you were also clenching your fists and moving your arms. You were also sweating profusely, but then suddenly your body relaxes, and once again, the stories begin, but they are slightly different this time. They come at you short and chaotic; they jump from feelings of guilt to times when you found things funny, to moments of an erotic nature, to reasons you felt fear and cried, too. Finally, you reach that one that you knew was coming, the one that made you feel secure and happy, the one that gave meaning...

    Aw yeah, wouldn't you know that my life once again is interrupted by reality.

____Mystikos Samaritan____

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