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Noire Majestueux

As the evening dusk dined on the last of the daylight, the nocturnal creatures prepared for the dance of the macabre. As the lightning bugs performed their erratic movements, the stars in the sky slowly started appearing and peered down on the activities below. A chorus of crickets, toads, and frogs serenaded the night air, and smiling snakes slithered and sashayed to their rhythms, inviting them to harmonize within the snake's maw.

The full moon was rising in the east, and spiders were furiously weaving their luminous webbings so they could drape them on treetops and lampposts. Moths, June bugs, and other insects admired the jeweled displays and could not resist feeling the gossamer threads; those were the ones that were invited to the spider's supper.

The witching hour approached, and squadrons of bats took to the air. They could not see the whirling mosquitoes or the buzzing of flies and wasps, but they could hone in on them with their sonar, diminishing the horde but never depleting it. And as the Milky Way skated across the heavens, owls and hawks took up aerial positions, while coyotes and foxes grouped in packs, and skunks, raccoons, and badgers spread out, all ready to hunt rodents, field mice, and each other. The fortunate filled their bellies, the unfortunate went hungry, knowing that soon they would be the target; and then there is the losers, which remains will become the carrions feast.

The palette of the sky is changing from black to grey and now to crimson, just before the sun has a chance to breach the horizon. Jays, robins, and starlings race around frantically, informing grubs and worms it is breakfast time. Now, at last, it is daytime, and the creatures of the night must rest and regenerate. For in many hours from now, it will be time to perform, once again, The Noire Majestueux!

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