Old Stories

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A test of wills

One day the gods Cazic Thule and Innoruuk
were wandering the realm of Norrath, they watched as many battles were being fought and although they cheered each time one of their minions won a battle it angered them that the citizens of Norrath were winning...

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Hygia story 

This is mostly a true story about my brother Hygeia, if any find this hard to believe then ask branwenne for she was there:

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Story of Littlemom

When I was a young lad I use to spend a lot of my time cruising the length of West Karana. This was an area where I learned to improve my skills; offensively, defensively, knowing which way I was heading, and later on in foraging and tracking...

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Meri's Epic Adventure (chapter 1)

Meri was a spunky young cleric who just couldn't wait to find an adventure. He spent most of his youth in the dense woods of Misty Thicket, and at the odd time he would go with friends to hunt in Kithicor woods.

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Rescue at sea

He knew he would probably hate himself more in the morning but at the moment he was more concerned with finding a way to stay afloat. The warrior knew that his swimming skills were pretty good but he also knew that it would only be a matter of time...

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The initiation

The young druid stood at the entrance to Kithicor Woods preparing himself for what he felt was the biggest day of his life so far. He had to ask to join the guild and after a few days of not hearing anything word came that he was to appear for an interview.

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The raid on Drolvarg temple

Mystikos The three old friends, Falo, Ozgar and Mystikos met on the bridge leading out of Fironia Vie. "I just talked to Tessica, " said Falo, " she said that she will meet us at the Lake of Ill Omen zone".

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Folly in Frontier Mountains

Some day’s things never work out as you hope. Mystikos had decided he would go to Qeynos to do some banking and pick up some eggs for baking. He teleported into North Karana and upon entering West Karana he turned into wolf form to travel faster.

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