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The Adoption

Just to let you know, I have recently adopted two creatures. I must tell you, it was not easy to train them or even get them to understand me. However, after some time, I managed to make them not only understand what I was saying but also follow some of the simple commands I gave them. In fact, I'm quite certain that I have observed them displaying various emotions - anger, happiness, sadness, and fear. Yes, I believe I've seen it all. While it has been a bit of a struggle, there is no doubt that I plan to keep this adopted pair.

I suppose I should introduce myself; my name is Raffi. I know this because when I got my adopted creatures, they started calling me that right away, so evidently, that's my name. Sometimes, they call me by my full name, RAFFI NO!, which grabs my attention momentarily, but it never seems to be anything important, so I simply continue with what I was doing. There is another name that my creatures call me, and it irks me quite a lot; that name is "Just a Cat," which upsets me tremendously. Don't they realize that I am the center of the universe? Everything I see and hear exists only because I am here! However, I soon realize that they are simply being childish, and I know how to make them happy again. As long as they continue to feed me and clean up after me, I can endure the name-calling.

I should also mention an incident that happened, one I know I won't forget. It was late in the day, and my creatures were preparing my food. Usually, it's quite good, and I don't mind sharing it with them. They had the back door open but the screen door closed, which was part of the kitchen. I was on my carpet, savoring the aroma, when suddenly, I spotted an animal creeping up the back stairs. I shifted into attack mode, ready to protect my domain and my creatures. One of my creatures noticed this and turned to look. The animal's nose nearly touched the screen when I leaped. My creature leaped at the same time, yelling "RAFFI NO!" But I reached there first, and wouldn't you know it, that dreadful animal turned around and urinated on both of us. Suddenly, the whole kitchen smelled foul, and I became somewhat frantic because no matter where I ran, that putrid smell followed me. After running around for what seemed like an eternity, I was so exhausted that I didn't put up much of a fight when my creature gave me a bath in that tomato stuff. I certainly made it clear that I was not happy with the entire situation.

But that is in the past, and I am confident that my creatures will not make that mistake again. Also, if you ever encounter an animal with a white stripe down its back, do not trust it; it will urinate on you. So that is a little bit about my story. I am still in the process of training my creatures, and I'm sure we will have more adventures to come. Perhaps I will tell you about them someday. Or more likely, I won't.

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