my tears
My Tears

I can taste your name on my tongue
See your face in my dreams...

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Adnil Dresses In Her Finest

Adnil dresses in her winter finest
A long white satin dress
A coat given to her by a snow leopard
And a tiara made of icicles and diamonds

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The Story

Read me a story," said the little boy.
"Yes, a story!" cried the girl, being coy.
With dragons and wizards and heroic knights

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And What If

And what if I wrote a poem
That pulled on your heartstring
And what if I wrote a song... 

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Bran you're not with me anymore

Branwenne was a sweet, straight shooting girl
Whom when she entered a room would set the guys in a whirl With spunk an sassy, but very classy With her at your side you knew your life was in no peril. 

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Explain the pain

You don't know how great it is, being with you at this time Being able to talk to you, even if its line by line Then there's the times that we can only talk through tells that because you're in Burning Woods and I are stuck in Qeynos Hills.

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Good bye young heros

Once there was MOSH, santusKnights, and Eye of Modor Forsaken Legion, Sultans of Ro were their names from before but they join together and Vision they became.

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The quest in the estate of unrest

Please sit awhile as my story is told About four heroes, so brave, so bold Mystikos, a human druid was born near Qeynos Hills, Falo a wood elf ranger had exceptional skills.

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Lady Celena Angelheart: a monk with spunk

Let me tell you a story about a lady with a lot of spunk Her name is Cenla Angelheart And she's a human monk.

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